Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Not knowing where to start

I am not that clued up on life as I thought I was.
I can wrench stories from my past, chalk screech into ears, physically utilise the space around me and still tell you, I have a lot to learn.
Yearning to scream, bubbles of my future bouncing in glee knowing internally I have a purpose. Watching my dreams come alive and as minimal as it may seem, wholeheartedly I tell you, I have come a long way.
I am not as clued up as I thought I was,
A child centred in a toy store
A lover of books locked in a library,
Where do you start when all is placed around you yet you feel as if you know little?
Currently bursting with knowledge in one area and visualising tumbleweeds blow by in the other.
Am I being greedy? Shouldn’t I thirst to find out more?
Patient maybe?
Everything within time some say, a saying frequently uttered for I have lost hearts & opportunities,
Jeopardising decisions still walking alone
Steel plate settles, seldom stings coated in surface smiles.
I have a lot to learn

Not knowing where to start.

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