Thursday, 21 October 2010

My first Video (well nearly)

Day before the video shoot and I am currently freezing, and in pain, me thinks a visit to the dentist is needed however, I tend to be real stubborn with these things so I know ill leave it to when I am completely free, then ill go.

At present everything is running according to plan (re video shoot), there is a slight glitch though. We need two black males for one scene, issue here is trying to locate the two guys. You would think this was the easiest part but actually is not, I am working through my phone trying to find someone.

I think I have secured 4 people, lol I know, I originally said two people right? However, if one drops out then im still good and plus, the more the merrier.

Multiple visits to B&Q, props purchased, the budget for the props is fair I think, errm props include, a box (not sure how big it will be) a TV to be broken!!! That will be so cool, plus many more. We may not even use all of the props but I am happy that things are moving.

Ok so.. you might be wondering “what is the video for?”

Now, in the oddest way of thinking, I believe that something takes over you when writing. Hear me out here, I truly believe that something kicks in and you then begin to scribe. I have moments where I have nothing in my mind then something triggers a thought or emotion and BLAM, I start.

This is what happened in regards to this piece titled “what it means”.

A personal yet general piece, a statement of some sort not only to Blacks but to all races, mostly though, from my perspective.

It may ruffle some feathers, I hope it does but in a way to make change. I highlight what I see, don’t really think there is any room for apologies in advance.

So yeah. A bold start, next step is venturing into the music side and see what can be done there but, first I wanted to introduce my work the best way I know how.

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