Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A suprise E-mail

Today was a bit crazy.

After battling and waiting through the looonngest process in the Nigerian embassy, I made my way to meet Lyric L for a writing session which was FANTASTIC but Ill get on to that in another post.

Anyway, midway through the writing session I received a call from my mum and she was in a state of bother so we cut the session short and i made my way to help her out.

All sorted, I arrive home and work through the day and what I missed, I checked my inbox to find a message. Now I swore not to say who it is but I was thrown back that the person took their time to send this my way.

Thank you.

Hey, just a little something that spewed up as i was listening to your samplers, no edit this is just exactly as i wrote it today as i was listening to ur stuff. hope you like it, btw WOW, absolutely love your what you're doing.

G.R.E.E.D.S. Inspiration

I fell in love with you
When I heard your soul speak
You weren’t speaking to me
Or anyone in particular
Your soul was just speaking
& I was ‘Sidetracked’ in to listening
As my synaptics ‘Inked’ dance
‘No-one’ bought tears to ‘SistA’
Spirit heard the
‘Story’ you had ‘To Tell’ to my empathy
I was encapsuled
With equal measures
Of staying frozen
And ‘Fear’ making me want to run a million miles
From the painful beauty
you paint
my emotions
to the sound of your
perfect vocal exhalations
my skin turned cold
I struggled to inhale
My pores closed up
As you paused
To write
before you sliced me open
With your Samurai’s words
& I lay soaked in your originality
My eyes’ ‘Aura’ stays streaming
‘Lightening’ stays screaming
& No.
This is not Love
You are not Love
Conventional understandings of love
Are nothing
But an ‘Urge’
Compared to you
This. Is Romance.
You. Are Romance
Roaming the rivers & lands
Making waters fall
You are Man
You are ‘Ready’
As man should be, you see
You are ‘Inner Strength’
A man roaming seas
Looking for a place to land & call home
You are Romance
I hear you when you speak.

Stay Blessed x