Saturday, 25 September 2010

GREEdS & The Remedies - RUSH


This has to be the most significant performance of the year for me! why? because it was a make or break moment and potentially could have screwed EVERYTHING UP but, not today!

Unfortunately midway through the performance, the mic lead falls out! *GASP* not once! but twice!!!!! SH*T!!! ON SOOO MANY LEVELS BUT! There was no way I was prepared to let that phase me or what I had to do.

My friend actually watched it back and said “you looked vex and in the zone!” loool I loved it! I was angry and I showed it, it totally taught me that anything can happen live, indeed Ill ensure that this doesn’t occur again but if it does? you wont catch me running, Ill still do what needs to be done!

Big up the Remedies for staying with me through out the performance, the band pulled it together nicely!

Check out RUSH below! feedback is that its a single? we’ll see! I love it though.