Sunday, 8 August 2010

Time Travelling

1996. We met, you grated. Questioned your ways, gradually we shared similarities and started our friendship.

1999. You pushed my passion for music, a skill nurtured over the years. I Birthed ideas and cradled its growth through my pen and pad. We exchanged words. Verbally dissecting each other I trained my tongue effectively, sharp. Ready.

1997. She caught up with your cheating ways. I laughed hysterically. She teared, she loved you and so did she and maybe, her as well. Indeed, your attraction brought on more attention than you imagined.

2001. He got stabbed. end of.

2005. They calmed you down as I was rushed to A&E, feeling useless Im not sure who felt the pain more.

2008. We oddly cried without knowing why.

1998. Weed was in, as well as other things.

2001. We performed, dashing roses into the crowd, certified Sweet boys for the whole of that year.

2008. By far was the best holiday ever, a story only shared with us.

2001. You met your future.

2007. You warned me she would break my heart again.

2010. She returned.

2009. A journey shared together, School, College, Uni, Work separated as my interview was successful.

2008. Cranberry juice and Disaronno was our drink

2003. Yup, the horror in telling you how bad she stank.

1999. Mystic crew was born, Dj Greedie, Mc KidiCe and Mc Speedie

2006. He died before our eyes.

2008. Our partnership spread into schools and conventions, people wanting our workshops. we created something that could not be replicated. An unbreakable team.

2010. I missed you not being there, feeling alone in this new life and not wanting to disturb your world.

1997. We both had a crush on Ms Touati. Deep down, she liked me more though.

2001. Knuckles swollen, thinking back, them days were tougher than I thought.

2010. Experience has made you a better man. Expecting your first born it seems the journey to this point could have swerved at any point.

I am proud.

Wishing you all the best bro.

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Time Travelling

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