Monday, 9 August 2010

Thought 9 - A story to share


My Aunty and uncle are my equivalent of Will and Jada. The way these two love each other is beyond belief. I at times just sit and watch them as they go through their routines of daily banter to cunning tricks (which at times are rubbish)to adapting to each others nasty habits. For example, My uncle is that Belly out and just boxers type of guy. A belly hung and fed through various pounded yams and Stella Artois indeed, I have grown to understand that he is, a mans man, a Nigerian man. My aunt understands this and though the belly may freak me out, she thinks its the sexiest thing ever. She offers him a fresh can of stella when the last one empties out, shit she even joins him on the binge.

Several years ago my aunty woke up as normal, feeling slightly woozy she seeked assistance. That morning would change the rest of her life from then on. The muscles on on one side of her face were inactive, meaning that it drooped on one side whilst the other side stayed up right.

It remained this way for over 4 years (up till today even)

Her husband, desperate to generate money to pay for an operation, worked hard! i mean hard. if there is one thing about Nigeria, they do have an eye for cash and would at times provide the wrong thing for something so simple. In saying this, he decided to move her to England where she can be treated properly, by professionals that know what they are doing.

Side note - It is a real shame that in 2010, Nigeria still have people in position of power with no clue as to what to do. it is no petty thing you are dealing with. it is someones life.

2009, He flew over to england, worked 11 hr shifts for a solid 9 months. A good chunk of his income saved for her documents to fly over to England.

2010 she arrives. Now, my situation with my family tree is something I hope emotionally, it is something I can dive into within my writing career. I am now 25, last I saw my Aunty was when I was 7. This was a shock for me on so many levels. only one person knew how distant I was in meeting her and I can only thank that person for calming my nerves down.

Illness or no illness, to me, she was beautiful. her first words when she saw me was "do you remember me?" I sensed her hurt in me seeing her now rather than before the illness.

He was ecstatic that she was in England. within that first week, she was treated and went through her first op. though not cured yet, it was a start, compared to the treatment taking up to 4 years in Nigeria.

Pardon my digression but like I mentioned earlier, To me, they are like my Will and Jada. A couple that went through the thick and thins of it all. Overcoming life changing situations through Love.

Like, Love!

No pessimist to the thought nor would I ever bad mouth the word, or the feeling.

It just amazes me all the time when I think of love and effect, various things spring to mind. They serve as a solid foundation for me though.

To My Aunt and Uncle

Hearting you both.


  1. Stunning write, touching, emotional and educational I learnt a lot about love and sacrifice, from that piece, thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for taking the time out and reading.


  3. Love this Yoms, it was emotional but rewarding. Love, in my opinion, really can conquer all and your tale of genuine care and affection reinforced that. My Mum had her second mini-stroke 2 years ago, it was emotional, upsetting and scary, the piece brought that back for a hot second, but not in a bad way. Blessings to your Aunt and Uncles union, it's a beautiful thang, a beautiful thang.