Sunday, 8 August 2010

Thought 6

Sometimes I wish to go back to that time.

Wishing for a clone to be created, follow its actions, view how I am perceived. Take a time out, pin point how external factors effect my behavior. How volcanic can one erupt, how deep could one truly love?

Sometimes I want to kick up a fuss, Stain your ears with my filth and tell you how I feel, a mouthy, angry, smile for the sake of smiling because in all honesty. I just dont like you.

Sometimes I feel to strip naked, feel the breeze, inhale deeply, stick middle fingers up at those that dare stare. F**k em all. WHO CARES! I live my life. you live yours.

Wishing for peace of heart.

the kind of peace that hugs you tight, sings lullaby's, tucking you in with pecks on the forehead ensuring safety.
That peace that sets upon your skin, gently. your heart. beating calm, soothed to carry on as normal.

Sometimes I am fed up.
sometimes I feel to just drive.. Far. Fill up that tank, my battle between myself and the wind, the highway and I wake him up from sleep.
off. from you. from them. Off.

Selfish behavior, I know. not caring knowing I should and promising not to behave in such a way again.

Sometimes, I wonder.

If you realize that my heart, actually beats.

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