Monday, 9 August 2010

Thought 10!! Period!

Wait, Freeze.

I actually dnt know why I haven't mentioned this.

So she said.. And I quote "You write as if you're on your period or something"

I laugh/think lightly about it now but that evening I felt a little disrespected. Mainly because if I spoke about nonsense then that's whatever but, its my life, my work. You speak of it in such a manner stains it a little (no pun intended)

Hmm.. Like I said. Water off a ducks back blah bleh but It just surprised me. I'm one for banter but I sensed jest and individual thought in the statement.


  1. Thats too funny, should of told her "You act like your on your period or something."

  2. I consider her statement to be a compliment. When you're (not you! LOL) on your period, you're often emotional and very sensitive. Your work is sensitive, which is what adds to it's greatness, so think back to her exclamation and smile at the memory.

  3. Gonna have to innit.

    It just threw me off slightly when she said it.

    I totally flipped it on the head now so its ultra positive but that day, lool nah my mood was slightly different.