Thursday, 26 August 2010


So, if I had to illustrate the way this sentence is phrased then it would encapsulate a chalk board with the screech of my nails as I dig the dirt off of the surface.

Not the type to be self conscious even though the sentence has my mind paranoid, at times visualizing how one would like to tape mouths shut and draw a smile there instead. They lack what I term “right timing” clearly they're slightly off track, the bloom never quite sprung in the summer of their mind but was rather, left to dry. lacking that air causing the bubble process signifying some churn in thought so now they willingly just, make statements.


Is it because we are, no sorry, they thought we were close? My smile must mean this here red carpet is laid for them to walk on with a talk now think later attitude? Must I be appreciative for them to highlight something that if said back would potentially cause spite towards me, further more, am I the idiot, incisioned in their own self reflection? Some psycho viral spread, leaving them to be in a better place whilst my sky turns grey, “Hi my name is GREEDS, welcome to my rain parade?” No, I think not.

So, the next time! their broke, no air functioning, thing of a brain. Feeeels to come up to me and say!!! Yomi “you look like you’ve Gained/Lost weight!”

I will smile. And say, “Thank you. Now, Watch your damn self” and, that’s me being nice. As always. :)


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