Monday, 2 August 2010

Play on

Through music we find solace.
A tranquility that floats within the oxygen of instruments for when it stops, we struggle.
Gasping. Tugging at one another, reaching for that lifeline to plug in and start over.
Take us back to where we were,
where we smiled, jokingly revert to childish sounds as the goose-bump like emotion spread its way from fingertips to each other,
a bond strapped by the waist, forever linked in ways they will never understand.

Through music we fall apart
a path once clean filled with shattered memories, scattered as we walk.
walking on glass, my reflection illustrates my current state
and so we listen, in silence.
Flashes of how music details current events, a harvest lacking the necessities we are left shriveled thinking whats next.

A Shared love pulling on our heart strings.
tightening when truth sets in, loosening when wanting to dream.
A life line provided through instruments, enabling us to forget what was.

Through music, we are neutral.


At one point. The music, will stop.

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