Friday, 27 August 2010

Keep on moving

My bank balance dented as my future beckons.
A sink filled with yesterdays ketchup, dried today. Bread crumbs neatly swept by the side and still I spend 15minutes searching for what I thought was placed by my keys yesterday.

Clearly, the shock of the morning has altered my state, and as I highlight all through cyber space, I am that dough ball, flattened, spread for all sorts to be placed.

To my surprise.

As I board my journey, en route to the same routine. Little saviours arrive in groups of 10, reminding me of how things were.
How at one point there was no issue.
How you could cry if you want to.
How a smile could bring warmth to you.

And most importantly.

How you don't have to worry.

I, don't have to worry.

Just, keep on moving.

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