Tuesday, 31 August 2010

I ask..

What song would you like me to create?
How would you like it to feel?

Would you prefer a song that spoke truth? making your heart plummet to the base signifying our current point in time.

Would you prefer a song fantasied? entering various layers within 3 or so minutes only to wake, into our current position in time.

My hands lay bare, lines illustrating the journey thus far. Yet, the smooth touch in some areas highlight happy moments whilst the brittle, rough edges I rather not speak of.
I want to create a song reminiscent of the escapism you seek, traveling on the breath of strings, feathered in the ambiance. Eyes closed, you are safe.

I want to write a song where the sense of bother need not matter, where you understand every piece strung, where explanations are not required, where peace is a norm, rather than a surprise. A song, uplifting, memorable, delicious if consumed.
The drums to heighten thuds in your heart as the bass spreads through your body. Euphoric is feeling, orgasmic is the release.

A song that allows you to cry, fight and remain strong,
A song where you nod your head, feeling free,
A song not requiring words, you sense the mood in tone.

A song that will provide a solution, for my attempts thus far, has failed.