Monday, 23 August 2010

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I start I probably will not stop lol so I will keep to a certain limit here.

The time now is roughly 12:43 am. This time last year (after 12ish) I sold my last ticket to FLOetic Lara and it felt good. It fully meant that there was no turning back, this is it. 10 hours time you will be headlining your album launch moment and it was exciting yet scary, moving yet nerving.

I was thankful for the support, everybody that to a certain degree did not expect to show came down and sat through the entire show and enjoyed every single part of it.

Felt a bit weird though because I just came from no where and started performing here and there, to some I probably stepped on turf without asking or something and truth be told at that point in my life I was very much just writing and expressing. in saying that, I was thankful to be embraced by fellow Poets and wordsmiths.

People talk about Year of the Poet now but last year was crassssy in regards to poetry. THREE RELEASES! THREEEEE POETRY ALBUMS! FLOetic Lara, Myself then Michaela the Poet (whos launch was a week after mine and it was AMAZING!)

09 DEFO a year for Poetry releases.

The launch was a big deal, I remember being told that I made my mark in the circuit, a comment which struck to me but I always maintained that I am enjoying what I do and that feeling keeps me going.

I wish I wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish I could share that moment last year with you all through the film but unfortunately that footage is not available and that has to be the only thing that hurt me the most throughout the whole Album launch process, however, you live and learn.

My mum saw me perform for the first time, I remember her, dead centre, looking on (probably not understanding what I was saying) proud of her son living his dream. My support unit were intact, Nat, Ash, Chan & Lee, Adlib, Kas, David C, David D, Rebeka, Dionne, Julie, Soye, Amanda, Zainab B, AKS, Chockz, Steve, Toyin! Plus moreee, MAAAN!! all of you are amazing people! and I thank you for being there for me, talking to me at least 2 3 times a week at that time.

I done at least 2-3 shows a week, promoting, not arriving home till like 1-2am, I remember how much Hayley C grrriiinded for her Launch and I had to embody that same attitude. I remember Alim's Advice and trust me homie! I took that on board.

To my surprise, I felt love from the circuit and external folk and felt fully backed by PiR, ONIT, Kevin mark trail, Kat Francois, Lyric L, Oneness, Malinnga, Boxfresh, Voice Mag e.t.c

Volume in Silence to some was not an easy listen, It really does dig in to certain points in my life that at that time was hard, real.

I still say today that Simply Andy assisted in gearing that thought to be more focused and I thank him so much for that.

Sidenote - I remember one row of seats crying when I performed "Death is Final" and the email that was sent to me the next day regarding the piece.

The album is not full of singles but rather it was a moment in my life where it felt like a story had to be told, ranging from relationships to thoughts of going back home to various deaths that has occurred. To me, My first album remains a classic to me simply because I stuck to certain roots and melodically created some GOOD ass music! sorry but I enjoyed the process of this album, the 8-9am studio sessions on a SUNDAY! or after Work!

My music at the time also grew, I started listening to some alternative sounds that allowed me just to venture out there a little.

A year on and I am thankful, VIS now has distribution so my peeps in nigeria or LA can download that bad boy online, A bond has generated between myself and other companies and event organizers.

I smile because people ask when am I going to start album two and I simply say "Not now" I have a few things in store, Nameable Samplers 2, 3, 4! especially 4!

I shall also be gracing your TV screens at some point soon.

Album 2, when its time will be nothing like Volume in Silence, My style as changed and I have been around great writers, experienced new scenery and fusing some SERIOUS sounds to poetry. WOOO! I cant wait.

I tell you this much though, Album 2 has a name already!

I thank you all for your support! the advice, the compliments, all of it means a lot.

Onward and upwards.

Time- 01:40. didnt take that long did I.

Please see below some of the vids Leading up to the Launch... lol. Good times!

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