Thursday, 12 August 2010



My ex before my ex would explain to you how extreme I thought.
Conjuring extraordinary amounts of weight on my shoulders creating excuses rather than alleviating the pain.
Indeed, nothings changed.
Still the verbal extrovert krumping out "I'm fine" with "its okay" in style excelling my past self.

A joke you might say.


My ex before my ex would exchange all she owned just for me to give a chance.
Not even for her, she would sacrifice just for a light to shine in my eyes exclaiming that a heart can be treated right.

I say "X that".

Past exhibits highlight excruciating thoughts rendered through verbal blows and emotional woes exhorting all energy leaving me an exhibition, for show.
Just standing


My ex before my ex.. exits.. for this excess baggage exceeded her expectation, her duration in trying expired, now she simply shakes her head in disappointment.

I am no expert.

Still trying to exhume what was, wish it all the best, part ways, and give it a rest.

And so.. I start, exercising in writing instead. Fingers numb as I grip on this dagger edged pen expanding on mistakes, exposing the errors of my ways, hoping to mend and start again.

Side note - Karma works in excellent ways.

Years past, my ex before my ex sat comfortably as I expressed excerpts from my heart into ears. She then cheers, approaches, highlighting how brave I was to share.

Straight faced yet exulted, she walks away. Each step, a bullet to the heart, exiled from where at one point I called home. Not a care in the world, I don't blame her, expense paid in agony, now extracted.

And I.

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