Thursday, 12 August 2010

Chris Barry! We will Miss you!

So, it is fair to say that today is officially my funniest day at work.

My Colleague Chris barry sadly is moving on, leaving us!!!

Apart from his hard work and enthusiasm, Chris has a notorious streak for his cheeky ways. One by one he has managed to turn up the cheek, leaving some red faced and some with no reply.

Today! it was his turn to feel the burn! ooohhhhh yeaaah.

So, Operation Barry started roughly 3-4 weeks ago and from the get go we had everything planned. Key thing to get on his nerves being Justin Beiber, We had our ammo.

Things that we needed:

Access to his pictures
E Mail
Work desk

We all planed to discuss a set time for everyone to start work (10:00am) giving us enough time to arrive before he does.

The night before, the plan went under way. a 3 hour operation and it went smoooothly.

Chris arrived in the office this morning to find this!


Other pranks he recieved:

We changed the txt in his computer i.e. you - u, your - ur.

He contacted a dating agency and asked for a "Mr Write" LMAOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We also signed his email up to Beiber nation!! looool aaaghhhhh!!!



Chris! We will miss you dude!

Best of luck in the future mate!!! loooooool a send off you will never forget!

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  1. you would fit right in at my work place LOOOL

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