Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Wrong comment to make..

I write because I want to
Because I have a space to fill
A space with no restrictions no barriers.
I write when I feel stupid, I do not know it all but through writing I feel smart, I feel ready to take on the world because not everyday will be the same.
I write because really I am a quiet man, so for you to comment on my work is you commenting on my life in ways I find disrespectful
You not knowing what is really happening and wrecklessly talking about things I maybe finding hard to deal with.
I write because its my statemnent
My dagger in heart twisting to enhance the wound
To get your attention
To piss you off
To make you smile
To stay as a reminder for words are often misinterpreted and rumours evolve whilst my txt hold its structure, no erasing or edits
I write when I'm poor in mind but rich in soul.
Writing to be greater than when I first started
Writing randoms from doors to a elephant with wings pictured whilst walking on water


Don't know how else to explain, don't know how many more reasons or illustrations to paint for you to visualise what I am saying.

My work reflects on my life.

We are all humans, so we feel all emotions. So show and some won't.

I am that comfortable to show mine, still strong in mind ill shed my feelings on the floor for all to explore, prying flesh for your eyes to gore.

I do not care, less vulnerable as you may think, not scared to explore pain I will stress the bullshits of my day and the smile that take it away.

I take no offence and ill take the comment as jest.

However, to speak of someones work in such a way is something that would never do as I understand the process and what it takes to explore feelings in various ways.

I Write!

That's all I can say.