Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Wise Words

A wise man once told me "tears carry 10 different emotions."

A wise woman once told me " crying earths your soul."

Tonight, I felt like I had no other option.


  1. Last time i cried,

    There was no other option,

    The release was slow and sustained,

    My emotion had to be expressed,

    Words finally failed this test,

    I couldnt explain what I was feeling,

    The tears I thought would provide some healing,

    So I tried to steady myself and stop the flow,

    For crying is a weakness that I hate to show,

    Yet he still managed to draw me near,

    I couldnt fight him

    The source of my tears,

    So I cried but I was not weak ,

    For me, my tears could speak

    And as they wrote thir tracks across my face,

    But it was not 10 emotions just one

    And even now as the emotion is recalled,

    My chest tightens and so does my throat,

    But I fight it down and carry on as before,

    Because even though their release helped that day,

    Nothing that my tears can express or say,

    Can solve or reverse what happened

    So all I have left is this patient endurance

    But its enough for me to survive

    I've cried my tears,

    There's nothing left to hide.....