Monday, 5 July 2010

My Weekend

My body aches
My throat, barb wire wrapped I remain silent.
My eyes are distant from the sun, I blink slower than usual
Reluctant whilst walking
I kick stones wishing on that feeling to be free, again.

I think back.
Diving into the waters of the weekend and encountering many obstacles.
Some I swam through easily whilst others tested my patience.
Moments which I connected capturing life in still frames allowing time for reflection amidst the dust and stains.
I long for moments that cause butterfly shaped emotion and I fear situations that cause face to face confrontations.
I walk.
Pain in my step, I walk on in smiles.
The grease in the burger we eat.
Bottle glued to mouth we take hard gulps and burp away our hunger
A mild escape

The sun soon tires and lays to rest waking the wind.
Our skin dances within the chill of the breeze amongst the blare of our voices
We SHOUT and SHOUT again for its moments like these we long for.

And as I view yesterday on the floor.
Wash away the
Burger & Drink
My brief escape
The pain as I walked.

I can only think.

Of what was.

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