Friday, 2 July 2010

I keep

Questioning everything, everyone for their actions seem peculiar, almost snake like without moving.
I keep uttering, under my tongue where the warmth of my breath filled with this frustrations lies.
Keep stating.
I am not, stupid. Nor was I born at a stage where my brain has no function.
I question simply because if things do not fall into place in my head then it causes confusion.
A trait I picked from you, a trait which before did not bother me as much and now I question alll the time!!
I question whether he lied
Whether if that was the whole story, whether what she says is facts.
Whether if I know what light will shed at the end of that tunnel
I have her pulling me, him arguing with me, her seeking more money and I'm left thinking what happened to the load that you saved, I love you with all my heart but please
Just be straight!
Be F*cking straight with me!
Dnt protect what ever troubles you may be in for when I find myself in financial bother and you approach me..
I will be left, feeling useless at a time of your need.
A meteor of stress pummels down upon these shoulders which I carry the thoughts of many so yes I will question!
For some things do not add up,
Additions when it should be balanced, subtractions leaving losses and all in all we have no result, you want me to loose my mind in some paranoia or whatever shit then thats fully up to you
All of you.
Turn me to whatever you want, ill split my self in two, three if I must
If it means being there for you, to trust, to support and guide to crack a joke, banter to the most then when shit goes wrong I hear no cheers, no toast, but rather individuals burning themselves in bull when there is no need.

All of you!

Just F*ck off! Leave me be.

Just be straight! That's all I ask.

If there are negative intentions with my actions then I am at fault.

But there is none.