Wednesday, 16 June 2010


And as I sit here, head resting comfortably on palms carrying the stress of the day I wonder.
What is life like on your end?
Are you experiencing the volume to which my ears peak Red, levels expected as I signed and returned with no looking back. Indeed this is what I prepared myself for.
Yet, at times my head rings as a lost cause
Looking for that quick fix when in reality it is simply that.
A quick Fix.


Head resting thinking how I lived the life back then,
Took advantage of every opportunity and dwelled in my own stench of competence.
Was not until I left I realised that It was all for show.
I lived a false dream of how it was meant to be, I am now faced with that harsh reality
That wake up and smell the coffee
That Egg, cracked with force causing a mess of what was once whole
I was humbled.

This, is part of a greater plan.
Nothing in my mind views this as a negative state however, It does prove to be difficult.

A stage when I am finding out more hardness only for me to strive through and maintain, knowing the luxuries back then, might never occur again.

I guess, finally.

I am living that Adult life.

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