Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Searching for a substance deeper than soil beneath the concrete we stand, deeper than hand thrusting through chest but the heart not welcoming the visit
I am in need of that key to enter.

No substance can be found just on a pretty face and thighs for I am around plenty, carrying a aura,
big as the earth but with brains the size of a peanut.
Indeed I could indulge,
Feast off of what is presented and call it my f*ck it moment and I would not care, for they serve no purpose other than to satisfy an urge.

What I search for cannot be masked via Foundation and hair products.
Forgive my lack of excitement if I remain still amidst an environment filled with fantasy and what ifs.
Acknowledging the female form is normal.
A body designed to lure and look sexual is something I understand so yes! I will look.

That is my only action.

Do not be shocked.

I guess I'm searching for something a little deeper than you are.