Thursday, 3 June 2010

Pre Broke (Hustler Mode)

I have to kick my arse into gear.
the going gets tough and it will only get worst
truth be told.
“I hate being broke”
Hate it with a passion.

Thankful I still have some notes to hold till the next pay post but again, truth be told.
“It nothing much to sing or boast”

So, strategy plays role to what I call “Hustler mode”
Make something outta nothing
Start thinking
A great mind cannot be wasted especially if it can create great things.

My mind is a gold mind, fruitful, bursting with ideas to wet the nerves and stimulate my senses,
and this kicks into gear when I open my fridge to find nothing but tin goods and nothing home cooked.

Its time I started thinking, avoiding “Pre Broke” rather than “Broke”

Being lazy is not key for me, never has been. Knowing that a certain feeling is nearing frustrates me and to sit and watch it all happen without a doubt lowers all self esteem so..

I must

Get busy.

To make and maintain Money and not be cosumed by the benefits.

ARGGH! How frustrating!

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