Monday, 21 June 2010

Moment of thought

This girl Graduated last week thursday (17.06.10)
The evening of the 18th (next day) whilst walking with a friend, a car rolled up and shot her.

She died later that evening.

I am in that zone where I hear stories like these and I actually wonder why it is that I either initiate or engage in arguments. And going without talking to people for so long.

I give thanks.

Being looked after by the most high, clearly the plans set for me have yet to surface however, it doesn't mean I have to live my life in the way I do.

I'm stepping into a reflective week, I know it.
A week where there will be no aggros
A week where I listen, give space when needed and most important, speak clearly and not in riddles.

Pastor Reid spoke about shooting the Arrow straight, not crooked
Seeking clarity.
Understanding in the first instance, digesting and making a difference, even if you are not to blame.

I sat in the park yesterday and things started filtering through my mind, fell asleep with the sun beaming on me. All now I have been treating myself and those close in ways that make them feel unwanted.

If you are reading this and you play a significant role in my life, I apologies for my behaviour.

I guess if I could explain it I would lol, kind of Ironic given that I write.

I'm just one big ball of frustration collecting bad habits as I bounce from here to there.



  1. 'I'm just one big ball of frustration collecting bad habits as I bounce from here to there' - refreshingly honest and insightful. I heard you read your poetry in CLC Church on Sunday and had to chase up your poems. Phenomenal. Keep up the good work and your God given talent. x

  2. Thank you.

    That performance was pretty intense, really didnt expect it.