Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Me and my Book

Before I proceed, I'd like to mention how much this guy sitting next to me stinks.
No not no bodily odur or Armpit suffocation but rather the scent of his alcoholic intake still lingering on his breath

Agh!! Its giving me a headache.


Me and my book.
Its funny how time flys when I read my book. The delight knowing that I am in control of the pace and can pause when needed.
Its me, and my book

(Omg dudes got off the train! Yes!)

I read on, facial expressions show it all. Slightly disappointed to have falling for this hobby at such a late stage.
I think about what I have missed, the knowledge I could have acquired, rather than searching all over and knocking my head against brick walls.
A simple but effective way to learn was the answer.
My library card feels like a master card
The value place in such a thing should not be underestimated.

Today, my book will get me through as I start my travels.
Make things less tedious and more enjoyable.
Cover all unwanted fragrances,
Blocking out the loud
Rushing to the seat just to flick to where I stopped and carry on

A pleasurable journey
No music
No friend or associate yabbing in my ear.

Just me.

Me, and my book.

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