Friday, 4 June 2010


Still looking at you in awe
Secret thoughts kept to myself for I am not sure as to how much you now take in.
What is consumed,
How much of love and you when uttered from my mouth is dissected into truth
Ensuring you do not look like some fool strung along this entangled web
The word "sorry" is nothing new.
Used and more less strangled each letter leaving it wrinkled,
I now look at the mess that's made.

Thoughts kept, I think about the comments made your way by others.
How you explain in detail and how you seem to handle it as if it were nothing.
Frustrated, feeling to zip their mouths with their reckless.

You think its hard to refrain,
back up and just let things ride.

My fault for not letting you in.

Blindfolded, I should have trusted and reached out knowing you would guide me as I walked.

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