Friday, 18 June 2010

I wonder

I wonder what it is you want.

I wonder.

Deep sighs as I trail back, not wanting to do this but I am left with no choice.
Having to plow through the past to tap into the present
Not particularity happy with my findings
but, you know this.
Hence why you tip toe around the egg shell and mind the creak's
On you P's & Q's
Fault acknowledged, it is now you walk back with the lure of your tail between your legs.
Lips pouting, sour faced.
indeed, you forget I am aware of your ways.

Assumptions on my part? maybe,
the distance between highlights my growth and at this point in my life,
My mind works different.
5 Years is a long time.
I notice how simple things paint pictures
for instance.
How a book opens your mind into another realm, the control in stopping and starting at your pace, dictating your leaning.


I was that book.
you should have taken your time to learn, to understand, to reflect.
but rather.
you skipped through, excited when you read the summery but found your self bored midway in the first chapter.

What can I say?

your loss?

I don't know.

Such is life I suppose.

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