Thursday, 24 June 2010



Have my heart,
with this you can nurture and look after.
Hold and treat it as it were your own, protect from harm or whatever poses as a threat.
Treat with the finest oils ensuring the scent remains everlasting in mind.
Have my heart to hold.
To care
To love.
For I have neglected the fundamentals by treating it unfairly.
Dropped it accidentally causing dents and catching dirt, wiping it off with force and inflicting more scars.
Keeping it to myself rather than sharing and enhancing its glow.
And so the grey veins show.

So here.

Have my heart to hold.

For you may take better care of it than I have.


  1. If u really were going to give me ur heart Id take it without hesitation and look after it just for a while. Id give u a rest for a few days and let u see that as delicate as the heart is it is also very strong and resiliant. It may beat a diff rythmn after injury but fact is it still beats. Wrapping it in cotton wool wont make u soft but putting steel infront of it can make u hard...

  2. I will glady have ur heart and hold it 4 u just 4 a while though. Long enough 4 u 2 see that u cant do without it, long enough 4 u 2 see its delicate but also very resiliant, long enough 4 u 2 see that I did not wrap it in cotton wool nor guard it with steel 4 it 2 survive...