Saturday, 19 June 2010

Away with the Fairies?

Wanting to fly away with fairies and still stay grounded.

These hands bare my journey through life. With them I have encountered many things.
I fly away with the fairies with their assistance.
Eyes closed I cover, blanketing all features with ten fingers for once, I am in my own tranquillity.
A mask of some sort,
Visualised the place I want to be, embracing the sense of Touch.

My Skin, feels rough. Unkept, attempts to scrub n wash, preventing this issue occurring in the future is of no use.

Hard to fly away with the fairies when the harsh reality of life is still felt.

Every day without fail I feel my skin. Once so pure, not a blackspot, pimple in sight. Makes me wonder about other matters.

Now, I guess I must treat my heart in the same way I treat my skin.

With care.

Treating and providing what it requires to breathe healthily, not settling for short term solutions making matters worse in the long run.

I'm sure I have the right products.

The healing process must start at some point.

I want that pureness back.

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