Saturday, 15 May 2010

You did not settle.

Mikel Ameen your tears were heartfelt.
On stage as a young adult but left, a man.
This defining moment separates you into another field mentally.
Indeed your craft and knowledge is beyond your age, razor tongue nipping at the brain
the path was set as we boarded the plane.
A journey encompassing all from love to hate to culture and that strength to strive through any hindrance that steps in the way, on my travels home last night, I had nothing to say, in awe, I was thankful the event took place.

And as you teared, reminded me of my performance last year, how only some could connect whilst others watched. To me. That was a closure right there.

The air is now filled with new existence, opportunity and is yours for the taking. A performance filled with passion and immense determination, you inspired others to sit and think about their reason to write.

Once you tap into that inner emotion. There is no turning back.

So please. Keep your head forward and reach great heights.

All the best.

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