Saturday, 22 May 2010

A Wireless Connection

I seem to hear you call for me even when you are no where near.
I question why it is I think about you almost every 2 minutes without fail.
I love holding you.
Not letting go gives me that notion that you are here.
Like some addiction, I relapse. Failing to stick to my word.
I talk to others about you.
Explaining how you p*ss me off at times but You always provide a way to bring smiles on my face.

At times I know I drain, wanting you near me all the time must be a pain but.
You can't complain.
I keep you warm, purchasing a jacket to protect and make you look good.
I feed you, daily. Ensuring that you are filled with energy and ready for the day.
To replace you would be a mistake,

This wireless connection has grown within the two years you have been here. I lost you once.

Never will that happen again.

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