Monday, 17 May 2010

What Name should I give you?

Pain in the arse?


I joke, no actually. I dont.

We have been intertwined within this time line of intestines, blood and all that gory stuff for up to 4 years now.
I believe you are growing older, Time flew and at one point I Kept you calm. you rested well, I hardly heard nor felt a thing and now. You have risen, again.

I can tell you are much stronger than before, attempts to keep you tame has failed and yet I allow you to roar, Tussling with myself looking a fool when asked "are you ok?"

I reply "im cool" *smile*

Indescribable for the best part of 4 years I have grown to adapt to your mood. Feeding the illusion just to barely get through.

Now my own persona changes, The more you flare the more I show.

A wall of emotion, you look into my eyes at that moment and see if I care.

lol please, do not be offended for it is merely a phase A, Punch in the stomach only to joke and say be brave.

For I am brave

4 years strong and you refuse to go away, If I had hair I would have torn patches in pain, Punched walls to illustrate the strain and let my knuckles bleed just for peace sake.

Some worry that you may be life threatening, I smile and simply say dnt worry.

but in the back of my mind, I question.

What if?

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