Monday, 3 May 2010

TYPE ON - Switch off.

Yes, I switched off.
And as I look on to this device, thankful for its functions. I pretty much reached a stage where I was fed up.
Blah to whatever.
Head pounding for 9 days straight and still I seek no cure, no appointments made, nose now running stressing trying to find the source of such pain.
I think its deserved so it will last for as long as your heart aches, tears shed, confused mind state, even worst thinking that I cant relate.

Switched off.
Mobile phone ran out of that juice that keeps it refreshed and on the move.
My charger is there in view and moves to connect the two, did not sync through.

A world without me for 12 hours.
Selfish some might say?
Worried as to whats happened, unlike my character to be uncontainable for a whole day.
I hope he is ok?
Ill be fine by Tuesday. Just in a weird space, feeling like im just typing but the lords gift to me ensures its rhyming.

Having that soul searching moment, where you feel a way for whatever reason, trying to find that inner good. Indeed everybody is different and there is only so much you can take until a time comes when you just feel to

Switch off.. however.

The device is off

Your mind is constantly on.

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