Thursday, 6 May 2010

Today, My colour is Red

Welcome to the Rat Race
where it seems the way we live depends on our vote. It could either be the same and encounter more bullshit or change completely to which we could welcome division and riots like in 81 & 85 all over again
Hmmm.. decisions decisions.

Either way I feel used, I am part of the audience whilst I sit watching party leaders fist themselves with punch lines and hardi ha ha's?
The somewhat posh equivalent of a MC Clash

So.. Gordon is Wiley
David is Ghetts
and whos Nick? I actually have no Idea.

Actually, Gordon is Tempz, the "Bigot" comment was a SMASH!... CLEAR!! straight par

*Sidenote* Par - Disrespectful, taking the P*ss.

They say "Better the Devil you know"
Now, I would rather keep a regime known for its flaws than to welcome a new government with new ways of moving things forward.
Things always look/sound better on paper, and as the ink cemented this new way forward for others to read. Not everyone was best pleased
not even convinced in the slightest.
Those before me that endured your changes whilst in power still shiver at the thought.
So they pray and hope
they combine as a force, gearing all their energy to prevent that change from Red to Blue.

Your vote matters.
4 more hours to make a move,
A matter that cannot be ignored.

Today, My colour is Red.

What is yours?

Don't be distracted
Don't be distracted
Don't be distracted



*Thank you Mz Brown eyez for the you tube link*

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