Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Side note

My poems can never reflect my personality because at times it is masked.

However, I act on instinct, that feeling I get whether good or bad. It is "that moment" often fizzles out within minutes or hours oor days but it is the reaction of what ever happened.

If the majority of it is doom n gloom, so beit. Not sure how Comfort said it but Its something along the lines of not apologising for my art. I won't. I am aware of the depth of certain pieces to which has made some rather concerned lol. On that note, ill still write but be mindful as to what I post.


Not sure on what else to say here so ill just sign out.

Thank you for your support!!! And spread the spoken word.



  1. "It is "that moment" often fizzles out within minutes or hours oor days but it is the reaction of what ever happened."

    The above statement says it all.

    While you may have a slightly more structured approach when it comes to what you choose to perform, the blog space is a vent... it is what you are feeling exactly when you are feeling it... Like a journal or diary... it is your day to day story.
    It is the truth and it is what you have a responsibility to do as a poet/writer/artist.

    I have read every single entry on this thing and your posts are as random as they are heartfelt.

    I must say, I am disappointed that you will be mindful (which may surprise you) I respect that you are honest even if my opinions or feelings may differ on what you have chosen to write about... Something that I have taken with me into my blog...

    I think those that make comment *ehm* not mentioning any puffy haired names, lol *ehm* should maybe take a page out of your book instead of hiding away...

    Cool... Rant over...


  2. Woop woop!!! I can post!!

    They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If that be true then we worry worts need to run with the negative emotion a piece may provoke and allow ourselves to see and feel much more before sending that text 'are u ok' Time to chillax... not u... us! xx

  3. We really dont want u to start 'screening' your blogs. Ur thoughts are your thoughts its good 2 know u have courage to share them. Cant stop now!