Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Reacurrance of Dame

Dame oh Dame oh Dame!

I would say I missed you but im lying.
I done well to keep you away, stayed away from temptation, looking but not indulging even when you made noises for my attention oh Dame.
oh Dame!
It seems like you have reared yourself again, in a round ward motion you seem to have caught me off guard at the moment of weakness and now I have given in.
must admit,
you done well. no, really. I mean I have tried to keep you away and believe me. you may have won the battle. but you will not ... yeah yeah you know the rest.
First thing tomorrow, Im back to shutting you out, a few life changes meant that i had to allow things to rear your ugly head so so soooooo I must now make the correct moves to hide you from out side folk.
I noticed that you now seem to poke. Over my dead body will that ever happen

I could laugh it off and say eh! it is what it is but hell no!

starting tomorrow!




GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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