Friday, 28 May 2010

Ice Cube, Straw, Drink.

I poke, hold and push this cube to the bottom.
Glass full
I attempt, pushing down slowly and in frustration it slides back to the top.

So I start over.

I Poke, hold, and push. Gently.
Glass full, realising that speed is not the key and frustration cannot be shown.

Its amazing how I relate my life to this situation.
How I attempt to have a hold of something and vex when I loose control,
How I speed, dodging the long and looking for shortcuts
Only for it to float right back to the top

Back to square 1.

So I looked at this matter in two ways.

Key phrase being "Patience, what's the rush?"

So I either,

Wait for the ice to melt and allow this cube to simply mold itself around me.
How can I then have a hold of something when it is no longer visible? Seems I have allowed it to simply do as it wished.

Not an option.

Or do I, suck though the straw.
Allowing the drink to lessen, separating what is around and highlighting the "situation"
By doing so the ice is restricted, no space to slide..

So now, I try again.

I poke, hold and push this cube to the bottom. Then crush.

I am in control.

*just a random thought I had yesterday, not sure if it makes sense to you. It does to me though.*

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