Friday, 7 May 2010

I have a secret

Found out the news in the oddest way and yet I feel my decision is split. Boils down to either expressing all or shutting up.

I feel obliged to you, loving you more like family than friend I have a loyalty to you and yet, I do not want to hurt you. Further more I will be upfront and say that I do not want to be that bearer of such news, tarnished as some home wrecker all eyes on me for spoiling something fruitful
forget that. specifically stayed out of situations and peoples business not out of rudeness but because I am prone to playing that in between, that middle person. Please when you see me next, face to face or picture, please, let me know if you see "Oprah, Dr Phil or Montell" highlighted across my forehead.

No but you get my drift? I find myself in positions where news passes my way.


I dont feel obliged to you.
I dont know you, further more I thought great things about you until this news sprung out of no where and now im like "okay"

I know how happy both of you are and how you make each other feel, great decisions made on both parts and the time line together illustrates the path of your beautiful journey.

Telling you such news would make you react inappropriately.
Irrational behavior especially at a time where you are making critical moves in your life.


There is no need to tell you because you know I am aware already, well. By now you should.

Hopefully with this in mind, not only will you think how small the world is but this may strike some fear for you to do right by your partner.

Its often said that "The truth shall set you free."

"Honesty is the best policy."

Yes, the truth is bitter. Stings with toxins lasting from months to years. I believe in honesty however, I find double standards and catch 22 situations with this issue.

I have a Secret.

and i'm still contemplating what to do.

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