Friday, 7 May 2010

I ermm

Thought about you today.
How your absence is felt. A Void that cannot be filled,
I have no urgent news, no "oh my god" moments no gossip to share
However, I am so use to your voice being there, that moment which you correct my wrongs and excuse my blonde-ish moments indeed, when we had happy moments, they was fun, everlasting and filling.

I thought about you today, wishing the sun shines your way, barging the shadow of negatives that seem to have created space allowing you no room to escape.
Tempted to call, ask if you wanted a shake or ice cream, have you cuss me for my lack of adventure for flavour knowing full well that the simple satisfies me.

Missing you

Thinking how the worlds treating you, who's pissing you off to what made you smile, how was your journey to work or how is your health?
The change is evident and noticed.

I Thought about you today


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