Sunday, 16 May 2010

His Mistake

Heart stretched, twisted and left wrinkled.
He expects everything to be okay for being a mans man means at some point, you will make mistakes.
She has long counted every time and once multiplied by 21 years indeed I was not surprised that his apologies fell on deaf ears.
yes, you can say a woman of her age and culture is stubborn however, once you take away these elements, what remains is a human being.
At one point she loved him.
Foully treated by her partner at the time, She seeked Solace in this man to take her away from the pain.
He, was that Knight, that ideological thought come to life that reason to feel, alright.
A wrinkled heart, expected to pump full of life and packaged "Brand new" with thoughts of his way out of sight.
In my view i remain silent, Observing the mockery he has made of himself and yet I know she can handle herself well, so my intrusion would be meaningless
so i sit.
I think, to what stage does one have to steep to for forgiveness even if the act cannot be forgotten?
He tries,
Send money on a daily basis
Rings at all times through the day
Wanting to be there but It is a little to late, her heart has froze. She feels sorry for his soul, all that was appealing Fizzles through the drainpipe of hope, for every time he is in view, that scent of the sewer follows.

She was, in love.

He is now desperate.
To say I am not worried would be a lie, the lengths love can drive a person to I dare not think.

She calmly hands her wrinkled heart over for him to take.

"move on with your life" she says.

"Be happy"

A man once on top of his game, now confused and lost.

His mistake.

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