Thursday, 6 May 2010

Generation dive


Am I missing something here?

Surely I was not like this when I was your age I mean, I love Females. everything you embody from the outer to the inner, not all that gushy stuff though but you know what I mean maaannn I swear.

I loves the Female, however, at no point do I recall ever taking about them in such a disgusting manner.
Sitting by all of you today and listening to the way you spoke about women made me slightly cringe,
You are all 15 and if I were to skip back in the day I recall a younger Greeds, swaggeriffic in persona with that calm when he speaks,
that Smoothness as if he glided as he walked
hell yeah. to him, He was boss.

lol who my kidding, I had a nerdy flow, somewhat cool when I wanted to be but often quiet, no boast
No blatant rudeness of calling girls hoes, ok so we had a few loose screws in our year, who cared? as long as we went no where near.

I am not all innocent, Admittedly I had my moments but! I was always picky, a trait that kept me on point, always!

I understand your hormones are raging, I would say no rush but my voice is muffled at the sight of short skirts n thighs. Your heads consumed with media and peer influences, sex is a must and the joke is you think you are sexy!
Gods gift
Quoting 50cent lyrics and utilizing the world wide web as your chance to work on game.

If facebook is your tutorial of being a player then I might as well bow my poetic head down and call it a day.

You earthed your insecurities and clouded it with bravado, I only hear the voice behind the fog
I hear the generations beyond you
I hear that CD costing x amount
I hear what you think I want you hear
I hear what you think she likes to hear

Unlike Nas "You are not the man" not even the boy. Just confused and scared of being hurt.

At your age I was nothing like you, you, you or you.

How time has changed.

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