Friday, 21 May 2010

Destroy and Rebuild

I watch on as this so called bond of brotherhood treacle’s through my fingers.
I guess our palms are left open and dry, rather than firmly holding on to something of true worth.
To say I love you all may sound odd,
Indeed, I know you understand my harsh mannerisms,
The tone in which I speak is not to put some of you down but rather, to strengthen when times are hard or when gullibility plays a part.

14 Years scanned past in which we buried and welcomed new life.
Encountered Fights and defended what we thought felt right,
Shared laughter as well as tears and most importantly, we promised, promised to always keep near.

My life is lonely, not sure about yours.
Routine one might say, revolving around work and home, socializing when needed and performing as a means to escape.

I predicted the break up.
Life has taught me stubbornness never prevails however, the process of mending what is damaged is what counts.
Our area remains cluttered, no hands worthy to get stuck in to clear the mess.
Here we are, I thank you for reading this as far for again, stubbornness might be the reason you click x from this page.

I miss the brotherhood, the occasional meet up to play pro whist discussing our situations.
Conversations covered amidst alcohol, creating banter.
Picking on that one victim for the day just for joke sake
My life now without all of these things.
Especially at a time I need you all the most.

I wonder if I am the only one that feels this way?
Am I being to sensitive? should I not care that our friendship is in ruins as a result of a stupid situation?

Whilst some act blasé or oblivious to the situation, there are little ones growing up, I miss them just as much.

Now having to see them with you not being around makes me feel sneaky to which I refuse.

Could do with a genie to prevent this from ever happening.

I would prefer my brotherhood back rather than meeting you individually or not at all.

All the best.

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