Saturday, 15 May 2010

All aboard

I laugh because I cannot stand the fact that I now rely on you more than ever. When everything pauses, I look on to you to help a brother out. Now, settling with the thought does not bother me as much.

However, I dislike the fact that I have to share your transport with others.
Those that are rude, lacking politeness and requiring a slap,
Those that are oblivious, clearly committing some kind of violation and smiling in my face like its a norm! You plums!
And Those that smell. Fresh at 8am in the morning within confined spaces inhaling all that up my nose on journeys lasting 40 mins!

Yes. I love the fact that I can travel more less everywhere in and out the city.

But No. I am not thankful for the company you bring or the price that either peak or increase.


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