Sunday, 25 April 2010

Wash Away (1/3)

Wash away yesterday

The possible stress that brought on the overall dirt clustered from beady eyes and silent hate. Friendly smiles with cutting eyes waiting for a chance,
They wait.
Wash away your mistakes and learn again, “try harder” is what you have been told as you grew up into the person you are so why not just listen, For once.

The soap and water make this process easier so as you scrub,
Take your time.
As you scrub, be patient and reflect on what you can do better, today.
Do not be rough, for you will feel the effect once dry, it seems as if this is how you live your life. Treating it way harder than you should and not being surprised when it folds not necessarily going your way.
Seems, as if you are your own worst enemy.
Purposely leaving your eyes opened as the soapy water comes near, inflicting pain when it could have passed you by
Seems, as if you have a choice here.
Either, make it better. Or deal with the consequence.
I simply say. “Wash Away”
So you scrub,
Ensuring your skin is immaculate and free from what ever the day might bring and as the pure water douses your Dirty skin.
You are
Clean and ready. For the day.

Finally, you watch the dirt of 12 hours Wash away and you then think.

“What is in store for me today “