Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Urging this thought.

longing for your touch,
Your skin onto mine, toying with the idea of what we share.
wishing you was here.
eyes closed,
thinking of the way you hold me for comfort.
I am the security you call on when stressed,
I ease the thud that lies beneath your flesh and is partly to blame for the desired arousal between your legs.

We doused the room in our scent, causing symbolic images of love.
You represent the Harp as it plays, Connecting heaven and earth drawing me closer and as you read this, I want you to picture rose petals of lavender, falling from above for we share a space that cannot be touched.
interfere or bother.

Hold me as you have always done,
Let me measure every moment.
whether high or low,
Heart racing as you breathe,
looking in all directions.
gripping onto your own hair out of share confusion.

Then we connect as one.

Through a single tear.

Urging this thought.

Longing for your skin onto mine


Lasting in time, Wishing to pause and rewind.

Playback in slow motion.

Setting scenarios to be played. my mind works in many ways, Slight giggles your way for I know what your mind can create.
Additional factors as to why im in this state.

The truth in knowing.





  1. WOW....That left me Flustered and breathless, wanting more!!
    It was honest, beautiful, innocent and sensitive, yet romantically naughty at the same time. I sense you have a lot of love to give and it’s very clear through your writing that you hungry to release it to someone worthy!.......Whenever you do find that person she is going to be one lucky lady indeed ;) lol
    Very talented, love your work.....x

  2. Errm... *cough* Wow... *blush*. That was very... umm. Passionate. Hit the spot! What a way you have with words.... I thought 'Only Me' was alot but this has got me feeling flustered. Lawdamercy! Gotta go.

    *Runs cold shower*

  3. I think u fulfilled that need for emotional and physical connection here. It was powerful and very memorable and made me yearn 4 more. Did not want it to end pause and rewind yes please!

    Putting it mildy for a change lol