Friday, 2 April 2010


Say "what does not kill you makes you stronger". however, what teethes at you may effect you at some point. Ignoring seems to be a force of habit and as you grow your tolerance lows, the hair on your back curls and the heat from your forehead rises.
because you are not that person you used to be.
Fighting myself I constantly drum on about this issue simply because it is all i can do.

They say "embrace change",
I say "Im not ready"
welcome a new life. Be willing to Kill what was and Accept what is
What if I do not want to? what if that new life I walk on has no ground and I fall through, who is there to save me?
I shun off those that wait, I am no burden for their future.
A successful future awaits them.
And I also will be successful in whatever I endeavor simply because I create my path so I must keep going. God by my side ill walk knowing that I am prepared for several lonely days and nights, oddly enough, this feels alright.
Self Sabotage I was once told.
What is the worth of success if it cannot be shared with the one I love?

Steel plated I charge
No looking back
I charge
Work - Check
performing - Check
Family - Check
Friends - Check
I charge
I charge
Cant wont think

As fresh as the smell of rain drops off the concrete.
As Relieving as the wind on a hot summers day.
The pureness as I run my fingers through the sand.
All elements of freedom, relaxation.

You may be just like me.
Maybe you can relate or even understand what I am trying to say to which Ironically
I have to Idea.

They also say "The truth shall set you free"

But what if I am content on living a lie?

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