Sunday, 25 April 2010

Settled (3/3)

I am now settled

Hours into the day, I have generated the following:

Stress of calls
Deadlines need meeting
Financial worries
Personal issues leading to lack of motivation
Stress......... and more stress
Friends that have no clue of what to do, seeking advice as if I knew all, if so “pay me for my time”
For that time dedicated to you eats out my schedule of things to do. Still, I care for you.
Love, and those that surround your mind constantly, I worry and I hope are ok.
Arguments, always seeming to be part of my daily routine in which I cant really escape any longer.

This morning I was ready, Washed away and Creamed on. Ready! for the day.

Tomorrow morning I shall go through this same routine.

Again, and again.



I think Its time for a change.