Thursday, 8 April 2010

Set me free into the sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bounded within these four walls
Body feeling weak, seemingly melting through paper base work and ears patterned to the rhythm of the keyboard as I type.
Eyes dozing
Ctrl Alt Delete
Start Task manager.
Switch user. Allow me to log off and enjoy the cool breeze outside
That sun
That, that breathes life to me. Let me experience this refreshing feeling before the sun goes down and im out in the presence of those that have indulged for the past 6 or so hours.
Obese in smiles as they relax into the evening.
I would be lying if I said I was not envious
Tongue sticks out as I sulk in a 5 year old mode
Middle finger up as I switch in adult mode
There is no moral code as long as im locked up in here whilst you are out there.

Ctrl Alt Delete

Shut me down..

Roll on 5pm…

Set me free.

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