Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Yesterday evening I was knighted a Poet by the Greats.
Those I looked on to when I first stepped into the scene embraced me as their own. Trust placed in me to take this forward.
Do not be offended. For I always listened when you highlighted me as a poet but understand, It is a completely different feeling when hearing it from those seasoned in the art form.

This was my chance to show them.
Prove my point,
And in their words "Set Pace"

3 Greats, 1 night. 3 years in the making. I simply could not allow this to slip through my fingers.
Hands clutched with passion, Marksman with my delivery and as my projection forced its way into ears
I waved bye to all those fears.
Did not care,
Showed a new side to those near.

And I wrapped up 3 years of growth in 15 mins,

I made my mark quite clear.


A stage Name finally acknowledged by the Greats.

Handshakes, Hugs and thank yous were messages sent my way.

Yesterday we changed lives, showed pple the true experience of Performance poetry
Made so called writers go back to their pad and work harder
Inspired new energy, showing a new dynamic


Yesterday we made History!

I hope your hearts can simmer knowing the next generation have this on lock. The path way you help create alongside the other Greats has not gone too waste.

Glad to have been a part of such a monumental evening.

Clearly the biggest poetry highlight of my year and its Just April, this is only because I may not get that feeling again.


I was Knighted a Poet. Work finally recognised by those I once and still sit and watch in Awe.

I give thanks.