Friday, 30 April 2010

It is the "REAL"

I guess it is the "REAL"
It is what we hide from our Mothers, Fathers and Youngens
It is that that causes heat forming sweat patterns that soon cool down your spine.
That shiver at the thought
That squeamish feeling inside
It is the "REAL"
That "Truth"
That "did S/he just say that"
It is, what happens.
So, who am I or you to look at such a thing in disgust when there are those that go through this on a daily basis?
We seem to forget that the life we live is somewhat golden compared to grenades and shot guns held by 12 year olds willing to kill just to feed and support.
living a life way beyond their age.
Walking weapons
You look and see a plank of wood,
They look and see 15+ ways of penetration, pain and ways to inflict damage.
Death embedded in finger tips.

I laugh becuase you talk of Ghettos in England?
I say Shut up!
Compared to those held captive beyond their will even though they committed no crime and later killed to set examples for F*cked up regimes,
You talk about "Grind?" I say "What Kind?" compared to those waking at the crack of dawn to complete tasks for certain times, those whose body is carved as if they were still young, each vein shown depicting a tale and yet they still strive.
I say even you so called individuals from English "Ghettos" still go to your home where there may be no home cooked meal, but a microwave does the deal.

Eyes closed as we choose to listen blindly.
Ears blocked as we ignorantly watch because as long as it does not touch our doorstep, we are safe.

I guess so.

A norm which involves running away from the truth by all means necessary and blocking out those that have no fear to explore in detail.

So when audio and videos illustrate situations that may be hard to hear or view I simply say, welcome to the "REAL"

As Lupe would say, "Check your ingredients, before you overdose, on the Cool"

Now watch and hear this and tell me it does not stay on your mind.

M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

Respect to Kojo for the M.I.A vid link