Sunday, 4 April 2010

Gift and a Curse

Thinking of a quirky way to link this into a piece but I can't.

Whilst in conversation some time ago to a friend he highlighted how I have a great gift. The skill in writing and exploring emotions that not only connects with other but in effect, could cause change.

I smiled, thanked him for the comment.
I then explained how this great gift can also be a curse.

How sometimes it can bring out the best and the worst in you. Lol I receive numerous calls from time to time of people asking if I am ok? Why?
"Because I read your post and I was worried"
I have blogged some rather dark stuff and if only I could wish to stop but I can't. Simply because there is truth is what I say or experience.

This also means it has the potential to effect others especially if read wrong.

I read stuff wrong on so many occasions and I know how that makes me feel.

My skill is amazing but if put in the wrong hands it can cause so much damage. Unfortunately at times that is me, indeed my emotions will remain for that moment in time however. Feelings linger and take time to digest.

If I stopped, would not be true to myself or to you.

If I carry on, I'll have to be ready for what's to come as well as the after effects.

Looks like I'm in my own Catch 22 situation.

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